A man.

A plan and a van.

In 1970, after years of working as a salesman, Howard Staber decided to go out on his own.  At the time he and Delores had nine children.  His wife of many years affectionately called this time “No money and 10 mouths to feed.”  Of course, providing for his family was second nature for Howard.  After all, he turned down a football scholarship at Notre Dame to marry the love of his life.  Howard’s mind was made up though, and with the many contacts and friends he had made in the restaurants and through IBP, he set out to make his mark on the world.

He started small and worked out of his van, taking orders on one day, going to IBP getting his van loaded that night, and delivering the next.  Granted that plan would be impossible today, but he made it work back then.  Business began to grow out of his little rented office on Pearl Street, and in 1972 he enlisted the full-time help from his son Dave.  They grew as more and more customers saw the value of Staber Meats and in 1980 Howard bought the building.  Howard’s son Jim came on board in 1985 after working for years at IBP.  With Jim’s accounting/purchasing skills and Dave’s sales prowess, business continued to boom, and in 1998 they bought out their father.

The city of Sioux City continued to grow as did Staber Meats, who now delivers to Omaha, Sioux Falls, Worthington and towns in between. In 2010 it was time to move.  The brothers tripled the size of their warehouse by buying their current facility at 930 Clark Street and expanded to be a “broad-line” distributor, carrying canned goods, paper goods, spices and anything else a restaurant would need.

Today- Staber Meats continues to grow and be very proud of being a family business, and a business that treats their customers and employees like family.